Focus Areas

Ida-Viru Focus

The aim of the Ida-Viru focus programme is to foster the development of a sustainable startup ecosystem in Ida-Virumaa region

Ida-Viru focus activities

Expanding awareness and community

  • Supporting community members in their initiatives
  • Launching new support organisations and programmes in Ida-Virumaa region
  • Organising community meetups for sharing success stories and obstacles
  • You can find a list of Ida-Viru community members and service providers HERE

New startups growth

  • Organising idea hacks, bootcamps and hackathons for creating new ideas together with Tehnopol startup Incubator  and OBJEKT
  • Organising microgranting events celebrating great local community ideas such as Idea contest "SOUP"
  • Bringing traditional companies closer to startup mindset and innovation culture with the help of IVEK
  • Helping in creating a supportive community in Ida-Viru for new ideas to be born

Ida-Viru region sector overviews

  • Gathering regular overviews about the local Ida-Virumaa region startup sector

Growing startup mindset & entrepreneurship

  • Supporting startup mindset programmes and initiatives for youth
  • Helping that STEAM & entrepreneurship programmes are more available in Ida-Virumaa region, such as ENSKIED, Codesters.Club, EDUKOHT and others

Want to become part of fast-growing community?

If your answer is "YES", then here are two options for you:
  • Join our community by contacting Ida-Viru project manager or Ida-Viru community members. List can be found HERE
  • You can submit a project proposal to Ida-Viru program for 2023 activities. See program guide and report requirements  (EST).
In case you have any questions:

Another milestone for Ida-Viru 

a new type of coding education...

In september 2021, coding school kood/Jõhvi welcomed it's first batch of students.
In november 2022, kood/Jõhvi celebrated the opening of their own new school building and currently has 500 students
Just transition in Ida-Virumaa region

Estonia will receive €354 million from the European Commission's Just Transition Fund which will be used to help Ida-Viru County invest in green energy and away from shale oil.
Learn more about Just transition and Fund HERE


Elina Dubova
Ida-Viru Region Project Lead