Value for startups

Why is Estonia a startup paradise?

The Estonian startup community is as tight-knit and dedicated and has thus been even compare to a mafia family (#estonianmafia). Our close, but vast family connects networks of investors and mentors, numerous business and innovation accelerators, starting and already succeeded enterprises. We help our family members, startups, grow by connecting them with investors and the right service providers. When you become a member of our mafia family, we support you on your way to success. When one becomes a member of our family, one feels supported and appreciated.

Estonia is the perfect place to test and establish your idea. The small size of the nation is excellent when it comes to testing new technological solutions and innovations because you get direct feedback rapidly.

Here the entrepreneurial thinking can be found everywhere. Estonian startup ecosystem is packed with many business plan competitions, pitching workshops, hubs, conferences and events organised for bold people who want to change the world. Entrepreneurs here are innovators who are not afraid of new things. Recent funding raised and exits reached show that there is more than just entrepreneurial thinking going on – the startups can also deliver outstanding results.

Internet access is considered a basic human right in Estonia. You can do almost anything through the Internet here: establish a company, declare your taxes and do bank transactions.

Although the top 10 reasons why to start in Estonia covered a lot of very good reason to start your company in Estonia there are many more reasons worth bringing out:
  • Estonia produces the biggest number of startups and seed stage investments per capita in Europe.
  • Estonia is known for its widespread and free Wi-Fi connections, its commitment to e-government, building its future IT skills base and other Internet-related services. 
  • Paperless society has its perks – you can conduct almost everything online. You can even become an e-resident of the country.
  • Estonia’s economic freedom is regarded as one of the highest in the world and the best in the Central Eastern European region.
  • Estonia has one of the most liberal tax systems in the world – only corporate income tax is paid on dividends.
  • The healthy startup community in Estonia is connecting various science parks, business hubs, innovation centres and networks of investors. Regular get-togethers in the form of conferences, seminars, coffee mornings, office parties and other exciting events take place among the community. 
  • Estonia is a home to several accelerator programmes for startups. These include Startup Wise Guys, Buildit and others.
  • The Estonian government provides support to the would-be startup entrepreneurs. They can get help (information, financing, and other types of support) from support organisations such as Kredex and Enterprise Estonia.
Moving to another country can be challenging. Finding out where to live, how to manage with the necessary paperwork, where to go out and how to get by in general usually requires some research. Easiest way to see if Estonia could be a good match for you is to use the service of an Estonian startup Teleport. Maybe you would even like to work for an Estonian startup to get the idea how it’s like in here. Check the list on vacant positions here! To welcome all newcomers and help them settle in smoothly, Work in Estonia has published a special handbook “Destination: Estonia – Relocation Guide” .

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