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Why is Estonia a startup paradise?

Well here are only some of the reasons why:

  • Estonia is the perfect place to validate your idea. From a helpful startup community to regular no-bullshit folks, we’ll help you figure out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Lots of techies. Increasingly, kids learn programming early in school and engineers are held in high regard. After all, they built the digital society you’ve probably heard about.
  • No foot-dragging. You can set up a company online in 15 minutes and do your taxes in three. Before your ice cream melts. Yes, we’re an impatient people. 
  • One of the simplest and most liberal tax systems anywhere. Much of it is automated, so when it’s time to report your taxes, most of us just click “Yes” a few times. 
  • Top-notch e-government and responsive officials. Our startup community works closely with policymakers to make Estonia the best place for startups to grow.
  • Quality of life in Estonia is high, while living costs are modest. Translation: more runway before your next funding round.
  • Countrywide thinking space. Cities stifling your creative mojo? Half of Estonia is covered by forests, plus nearly 4,000km of coastline and some 1,500 islands. 
  • Estonian is a bit tricky to learn. (It’s a neat superpower, though.) Luckily, English is widely spoken.
  • Busting fundraising and valuation records. Four unicorns and 12 startups valued above €100m, in a country of 1.3 million people? Plus €500m in available funding.
  • A tight-knit startup community. Open, friendly and eager to help each other out. Odd but true. Join the family, we’ve got you covered

Moving to another country can be challenging. Finding out where to live, how to manage with the necessary paperwork, where to go out and how to get by in general usually requires some research. Easiest way to see if Estonia could be a good match for you is to use the service of an Estonian startup Teleport. Maybe you would even like to work for an Estonian startup to get the idea how it’s like in here. Check the list on vacant positions here! To welcome all newcomers and help them settle in smoothly, Work in Estonia has published a special handbook “Destination: Estonia – Relocation Guide” .

If you would like to learn more about working in Estonia visit Work in Estonia's webpage.

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