Preincluded scale-ups
Here is a list of the Estonian scale-ups from A-Z that can currently bring on employees from non-EU countries on preferential terms
  • Bolt Technology OÜ
  • Fleet Complete Eesti OÜ
  • Erply Software OÜ
  • Estateguru OÜ
  • Linn Systems OÜ
  • Milrem AS
  • Pipedrive OÜ
  • Playtech Estonia OÜ
  • Scoro Software OÜ
  • Skeleton Technologies Group OÜ
  • Microsoft Development Center Estonia OÜ
  • Perforce Software AS
  • Testilo OÜ
  • Threod Systems OÜ
  • Wise Payments Limited Eesti filiaal

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