Scale-up visa


For Estonian scale-ups, scale-up visa provides a great opportunity for enriching and growing their company by employing foreign talent - a process now made easier than ever before.

Employer Application

In order to bring non-EU employees to Estonia on a Scale-up Visa:
  • Check this list to see if your scale-up is pre-included as an Estonian scale-up that can hire non-EU employees on preferential terms. 
  • In case your company is not on the list but meets the scale-up definition listed in the Aliens Act §106'3, you can request an evaluation. Get in touch with Startup Estonia's team for more information!
  • If the employee's employment is short term,  you will need to apply for their registration for the short-term employment and your employee will need to apply for a visa. If the employment is for a longer term, the employee will need to apply for a temporary residence permit at an Estonian Embassy in a city of their choosing or at a Service Point for the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.
  • If you have any questions regarding the migration process, please contact the free of charge Estonian Migration Advisors.
  • You are all set!
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