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What is the Estonian Startup Visa?


The Estonian Startup Visa helps non-EU founders grow their startup in Estonia, one of the world's best places to start and run a company. It also eases the process for Estonian startups to hire non-EU talent. If your product packs innovation and has the potential to scale, the Estonian Startup Visa may be just the ticket.
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How Does It Benefit My Business?

I am a foreign founder

Read on if you're a startup founder from outside the EU and want to join one of Europe's liveliest startup scenes that punches far above its weight.

I run an Estonian startup

Already at home in the Estonian startup community? Read this if you've spotted talent outside the EU -- the Startup Visa will help you bring them over.


Latest and Greatest about the Estonian Startup Ecosystem

Detailed overviews of the ecosystem, updates about our events and plans, and much more!
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  • Things are good here in Tallinn! The tech scene is very active, and the connections here are very close. It is easy to get to know someone relevant in the industry.
    Kwun Lok Ng — Kipwise
  • The Startup Visa makes life easy and in Estonia it’s kind of like a badge of honour to have the Startup Visa.
    Avery Schrader — Modash
  • Having lived and worked in both France and Germany, the process in Estonia is much more efficient, definitely the best option for any non-European wanting to establish a tech startup in Europe.
    Youssef el Moumni — Realified

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