Startup Ecosystem

Ecosystem Value

For strengthening and growing our ecosystem is undoubtedly important to have strong collaboration and partnership with ecosystem community members. Those are the organisations, providing a wide range of services at all stages of the startup’s life, where we try to supercharge the value of their activities. 

What benefits do I get?

Community meetups

For developing our startup ecosystem, we gather bimonthly to share experiences and open discussions.

Access to community chats

Quick information and knowledge sharing is the key to get informed about what is happening around the ecosystem. We mainly use Slack for that.

Marketing help in Startup Estonia channels and network

We issue a monthly newsletter, share news our social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and blog.

Study trip for active members

To value the effort of our superactive community members we organizing study trips to other countries on purpose to learn about their ecosystems life.

Grants for new services and projects

Startup Estonia funds organisations by giving out grants to develop new services, events, and smaller projects that support startups in their growth. Look out the application conditions in Estonian or in English.

State Aid (VTA) instructions can be found here.

Invitation to participate in a small procurement
Kutsume Teid osalema väikehankel “Eesti äriinglitele suunatud arenguprogramm“. Hinnapäring  ja tingimused on leitavad SIIT. Pakkumiste tähtaeg 3.05 kell 10:00.

So you will be definitely well informed to know what happens in Estonian startup ecosystem!

What else we offer?

For partnering with others you might need the following:

How to become our community member?

If your organisation does the following, then you are welcome to join our startup community:
  • Services, eg consultation, trainings, mentoring, events for startups
  • Startup mindset programs
  • Accelerating and incubating startups growth
  • Investing and funding startups
Let us know by sending the request to Sandra Saarniit, by e-mail