Focus Areas

EdTech Focus

EdTech Focus programme was coordinated by Startup Estonia during the period 2019-2022.
Starting from 2023, EdTech Estonia will coordinate sector growth. The aim is to foster the development of a supportive EdTech startup community, including help to bring new Estonian EdTech startups to the market and support existing EdTech startups to go global and become the next success stories from Estonia.

The programme was financed by Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Economics and Communications affair, also by European Regional 

Loe EdTech sektori tegevustest eesti keeles

EdTech focus activities

Support of existing EdTech startups

  • Supporting participation in international educational conferences, visits and fairs
  • Supporting to become an active member of EdTech Estonia. Join with EdTech Estonia
  • Organizing workshops and demo days

New EdTech startups growth

Interested in keeping up with the EdTech sector at large?


Expanding the EdTech community

  • Organising community meetups for sharing success stories and failures
  • Sharing stories and news in Estonian EdTech Slack channel
  • Introducing schools and other sectors EdTech solutions and initiatives.

EdTech sector overviews

EdTech ecosystem participants 

Find out who are the current EdTech startups & community members in Estonia:

EdTech startups list

EdTech community members (supporting organisations and initiatives)


Inga Kõue
EdTech Sector Project Lead

Krislin Raik
EdTech Estonia, Community manager