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DeepTech Focus

Since 2018 deep technologies' role has been analyzed in a more focused way. Various reports point out that deep technologies are the main engine of future economic growth and the source of impactful solutions for the whole of humanity.
Starting in 2022, Startup Estonia focuses heavily on providing activities and programs to Estonian DeepTech startups to create a diverse, resilient, and vibrant community to build the future. 
And we have a PLAN how to do it!

Main activities

What is DeepTech

  • Technology is based on scientific discovery
  • Technology-based or technological development results in marketable and protected intellectual property
  • Technology is breakthrough (disruptive) and scalable

The main areas of deep technologies are:

Advanced materials & production systems, Autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnologies, Medical and Neurotechnologies, Microelectronics & Nanotechnologies, Robotics, Photonics, Quantum calculation, space technologies

Estonian DeepTech startups

  • There are 128 DeepTech startups operating in Estonia as of 31.08.2023
  • See the list of Estonian startups database (select by filter: Tags -> DeepTech)

Our main partners


Activities for community

  • Community meetups  - DeepTech Pub, DeepTech Afternoon by S2B Launchpad
  • Visibility in local and international media
  • Study visits and conferences worldwide
  • Supporting DeepTech community partners in their initiatives

Material and sources 

Funding opportunities

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Contact us

Vaido Mikheim
DeepTech Sector Project Lead
mentoring and public relations

Inga Kõue
DeepTech Sector Project Lead
services and community

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