Startup Ecosystem

CyberTech Focus

The goal of CyberTech focus is to strengthen the local CyberTech ecosystem, grow the number of new CyberTech startups and support the development of existing startups in the sector. 


Supporting existing CyberTech startups

  • Supporting participation in international CyberTech conferences, fairs and investor meetings
  • Introducing Estonian CyberTech solutions and initiatives locally and internationally
  • Supporting to become an active member in international CyberTech organisations
  • Creating possibilities for finding investors and venture capital companies

New CyberTech startups

  • Organising idea hacks and hackathons
  • Providing post hackathon mentoring sessions
  • Organising intensive CyberTech startup business training
  • Implementing startup mindset sessions into secondary education and university cybersecurity curriculum 


Expanding the CyberTech community

CyberTech startup ecosystem development

  • Gathering information about the local CyberTech startup sector.
  • Raising awareness about cyber security trends and business opportunities in the future. 
  • Launching new and advocate existing support organisations with CyberTech focus.
So you will be definitely well informed to know what happens in Estonian startup ecosystem!


Marily Hendrikson
Cyber Security Project Lead