Focus Areas


The mission of Accelerate Estonia is to turn wicked problems into economic development for Estonia. In close collaboration with the tech ecosystem, the Estonian government is exploring the public domains which are ripe for disruption and build models that would bring about that disruption. In the pilot phase, we aim to choose around 5 concepts that would help create new markets that solve some of the thorniest issues in our society.


Exploring Policy Areas

  • Creating an overview of policy areas ripe for disruption.
  • Building top-down and bottom-up support for aEstonia as a policy tool.
  • Building the community to discuss and validate problems.
  • Managing the synergy between aEstonia and other policy-making efforts that are aimed at tackling thorny societal, social, environmental, digital etc problems within the society.

Building the solutions

  • Together with the private sector and public sector decision-makers, choose the solutions that will be built via aEstonia.
  • Appointing mission-oriented problem-owners and providing them with the right infrastructure to succeed.
  • Supporting problem-owners in their mission to turn a specific problem into a solution.


Empowering Problem-Solvers

  • Creating space for synergy and serendipity between policy areas.
  • Bringing problem-solvers together physically and digitally to build the community and discuss the ways forward.
  • Share tools that help problem-solvers to uncover and maximise the potential of their idea.
  • Managing the policy expectations within policy domains interested in the aEstonia concept.

Designing the future

  • Exploring whether aEstonia could become the standard way of dealing with very tricky market failures in Estonia and elsewhere.
  • Securing investment opportunities for the aEstonia concepts to become reality so that those problems are actually solved and waves of innovation will actually start moving.

Join the community

aEstonia is a community of people serious about the future of society 

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Mikk Vainik
Project Lead