Startup Estonia

Focus areas

Startup Estonia has three focus areas 

in our activities

As Startup Estonia is a governmental initiative we work closely together with the different Estonian ministries and stakeholders with the aim of connecting different sectors with the startup community. Together, we have chosen 3 mutual focus areas, meaning systematic and specialised support for sectors with long-term benefits and high potential.

Our current Focus areas are: CyberTech, EdTech and Ida-Viru region.

Two startup support organisations have begun as a part of Startup Estonia, but have later developed into independent entities.

Startup Estonia had a 2-year pilot programme cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Environment for cleantech focus. Since 2017, cleantech focused initiatives were taken over by CleanTech ForEst, an Estonian non-profit supporting and funding early stage green technology startups, advancing environmental education and energy experts. In 2019, Startup Estonia also helped jumpstart Accelerate Estonia, a government innovation lab for turning complex problems into new economic competitive edges. After a 6-month exploration and kick-off phase, during which the first batch of teams was admitted to the Accelerate Estonia programme, the project became independent of Startup Estonia, but has remained in close collaboration.