Startup Nations Summit is bringing startup ecosystem reps from around the world to Estonia!

This year, Global Entrepreneurship Network is bringing their biggest startup-focused conference to Tallinn on November 20-22. The key aim of the Summit in 2017 is to explore how digital disruption is changing the world and how can startups best scale internationally – and we are so excited for you to be able to be a part of that discussion. But what exactly is the value of this event to you as a startup founder and how can you make the most of it?

First of all, Startup Nations Summit will bring startup ecosystem leaders and policymakers from 60+ different countries around the world to Estonia. These are the folks who are committed to advancing startup entrepreneurship in 60+ different countries around the world. The diversity is just as great as the problems you are solving as an entrepreneur. From New Zealand to Chile, from Canada to South Africa, from Bahrain to Norway. Think distant locations, think market access!

Leverage the amazing international network

This vast network at your fingertips is the key value for the ecosystem and local startup founders we have had in sight when organising the event. Have some thoughts or questions on scaling to faraway markets? Find your way to the Startup Nations Summit to leverage this network and gain relevant knowledge on the international markets of your interest. As a teaser, here are some of the many great delegates attending the Startup Nations Summit with whom you’ll have the chance to connect:

  • South America. COO of Startup Chile, Konrad Fernandez is joining the event together with the Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs of Argentina, Mariano Mayer. Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico will also be represented – more options for you to consider!
  • The Far East. There is a lot of interest regarding digital economy in Thailand which will be represented by the Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Dr Pichet Durongkaveroj and fintech expert Dr Wijitleka Marome. Your gateway to India will be much easier thanks to Arvind Gupta. Attendees from Cambodia, Taiwan, and Malaysia will be happy to share their knowledge as well.
  • Africa. There is already some cooperation happening between Africa and Estonia with Taxify growing in several locations so don’t miss out either! Take South Africa – minister Lindiwe Zulu and her team shall give you a very warm welcome. Closer to home, Rasha el-Tantawy knows how to find tech partners in Egypt.

Even closer to home, European markets and – of course – architects of the Digital Single Market, are at your disposal. You can find the full list of attendees from here.

Join the most successful local startups

In addition to the startup ecosystem leaders and policymakers from 60+ countries, you will have a chance to join fellow startup founders from Transferwise, Taxify, Pipedrive, Testlio and more, as well as both International and local investors. Startup Nations Summit’s Startup Track will offer you a day and a half of discussions, networking and fun via a programme organised by Startup Estonia and EIT Digital. The programme focuses on the most burning issues that founders face such as scaling to international markets, acquiring and managing talent, and raising capital from international investors.

Get yourself registered!

However, Startup Nations Summit is an invite only event so if you already have received an invitation, then go and register yoursel. If you haven’t received an invitation but would like to attend, head over here and sign yourself up! It will only take two minutes, we promise. Done? Good! We are looking forward to seeing you at the Creative Hub at 5pm on Tuesday, the 21st of November for a great discussion with Taavet Hinrikus on policy as an enabler for digital disruption, and some invaluable networking, as well as for a full day of SNS Startup Track on the 22nd of November.

See you soon!

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