Startup in Estonia: S3 E4 - How to help save the planet & still make a profit

In the fourth episode, we talk about the importance of doing business in an environmentally friendly way and how to balance between profit and 'the green'.

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Startup in Estonia is a podcast where we discuss different pillars of a successful startup ecosystem by showcasing examples from Estonia. In the third season, we are looking into how to build a successful startup.

In the fourth episode, we talk about how to help save the planet & still make a profit. The guest of this episode is Sandra Särav (@sandrasarav). She is the head of sustainability at Bolt, an Estonian startup which, on top of being one of the biggest and more successful ones in general, is also one that very much emphasises the importance of doing business in an environmentally friendly way.

Tune in to hear Sandra talk about the different sustainability methods used in Bolt, from recycling garbage in offices to carbon offsetting their rides. She also touches on the various benefits of having a green business strategy and gives tips for implementing greener measures within any company. Other topics covered include greenwashing, educating customers, the future of green and many more.

Get ready for a thorough look into how to solve one of humanities biggest challenges whilst still staying true to the nature of a startup - changing the world, expanding globally and making a profit.

Startup in Estonia podcast is hosted by Adam Rang (@adamrangpr). #startupinestonia

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