Startup Estonia just got #started!

Estonia has more startups per capita than any other country in Europe. This is probably because supportive families grow successful kids and the Estonian startup community is as tight-knit and dedicated as a mafia family. This is the worldwide phenomenon known as the #EstonianMafia.

This is us, Startup Estonia. We unite together startups and entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, business and innovation accelerators. We’re making the Estonian startup landscape connected and therefore powerful, removing barriers where needed for our family members. 

We in Startup Estonia are aiming to boost the development of the local startup ecosystem and supercharge Estonian-bred startups that have the potential to make it in the world. We simplify and accelerate the process of building a startup in Estonia by bringing together the right people, providing trainings, and initiating business accelerators. Through that we support the creation of new global success stories, so the extensions of our mafia will spread far. 

But we are not alone on this important journey – we join forces with the rest of the Estonian startup ecosystem, including startup founders, various supporting organizations and investors, who stand for the common goal of supporting startups in their way to success. We are collaborating with the whole Estonian Startup Ecosystem, whose list of members you can find here From Inception to Disruption. This is a very big family! 

Every family has problems. But we work to constantly improve the environment for all our members and strengthen the relationships, thus making us strong and competitive in the long-run. Right now there are about 400 startups in Estonia, but by 2020 we aim to reach 1000 startups, by investing into them via business accelerators and training, consultancy, mentoring and coaching.  

We are making Estonia an attractive location for startups, teams, people with ideas, means and experiences in order to make the new success story happen – why not even the new Skype or Apple? We support the growth of Einsteins over here!  

We work so that our family will grow – by 2020 Estonian private sector ICT will be better known internationally, more angel investors will take notice and become involved with the Estonian ecosystem and startups and home-grown companies would start re-investing into local startups. 

And you know, we just got #started! For a relatively young family, we are expanding fast and furious. Stay tuned as we fill our family diary every week.

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