Startup Estonia is looking for a Marketing Intern

Startup Estonia is the umbrella organization of Estonian startup ecosystem. We are representing our startup sector by creating a community among Estonian startup support organisations, managing the Estonian Startup Database, introducing our startup ecosystem both regionally and worldwide, coordinating the Estonian Startup Visa programme and much more. All of this is implemented by a highly motivated team and we are looking for a marketing intern to join our forces.

Your days as the Marketing Intern in Startup Estonia will be filled with:

  • Day-to-day management of our social media platforms

  • producing Startup Estonia's monthly and weekly newsletters

  • auditing our social media channels and making suggestions for improvement

  • working on content for our blog

  • managing your own innovative marketing project - your chance to shine

  • coordinating the participation of Startup Estonia at various (online) events

  • assisting with day-to-day activities (we are a team of 9 people who don’t hesitate on jumping in and helping each other).

What we expect from you:

  • higher education (studies can be on-going), preferably in marketing

  • fluency in written and spoken English (preferably Estonian, as well)

  • basic experience in online marketing

  • a keen interest both in the startup world & marketing

  • commit yourself to us for 3-6 months at least 24 hours/week.

What do we offer:

  • A paid internship while representing one of the most successful startup ecosystems in the world

  • the opportunity to develop your marketing skills using the latest online marketing tools

  • insights into the Estonian startup community

  • regular guidance & flexible working hours (for now, we will start the internship fully remote since all of our team is working remotely).

If that seems like an internship for you, send your CV and a motivational letter to by 27th of May.

If you’re still hesitant to apply, here’s a short interview we did with our intern Christina Kitsa, who came to Estonia from Greece and after six-month internship decided to stay here and connect with our startup ecosystem.

Christina & Paula the Unicorn doing a presentation about the startup ecosystem in Estonia @LIFT99co

  • Why did you choose Startup Estonia?

When I was in Greece, I was looking for an internship in a strong startup ecosystem. Out of the blue, I listened to a podcast in Spotify, produced by Startup Estonia and I felt familiar with the mindset. Estonians seemed people who can understand and convert their weaknesses to strengths. I started researching more about Startup Estonia and their focus areas matched with my interests, plus I was excited to be able to have access to a pool of startups.

  • What worked well for you in this internship?

I would say everything. Being a part of a beloved team, friendly colleagues, I had the opportunity to choose the topics that I wanted to focus more, I met people and I had the chance to be an active member of the Estonian startup ecosystem.

  • What kind of skills you developed during the internship?

  1. Copywriting skills by creating content for the social media posts, weekly & monthly newsletters
  2. Presentation Skills - by presenting different research I’ve done for the team by presenting Estonian startup ecosystem to a delegation of professors from abroad.
  3. Communication Skills - by daily communication with the team, by being the contact person for startups from Ukraine, Turkey and Russia during Startup Week Tallinn 2019.
  4. Social Media Skills- I learned a lot about social media marketing, analytics and day-to-day management
  5. Project Management and analytical thinking by creating a project plan completely on my own.
  6. I became a better active listener and learned to accept feedback.

  • What did you learn about Estonian working culture? Is it very different from your previous experiences? 

100% different! The Estonian working culture in my eyes is:

  1. People who get work done in any circumstances.
  2. People who will work day & night to achieve their goals.
  3. Really straightforward, which can sometimes turn you down but when you understand the mindset, you appreciate it.
  4. They will help and support you if it’s needed.
  5. They will trust you in different projects and give you opportunities to take responsibility.
  6. They also know how to have fun when the work is over.

  • What kind of a person would suit as an intern to Startup Estonia? What kind of skills you think they should have?

She/He must be:

  1. Opened to learning

  2. Willing to (re)search and work on their own.

  3. Team player - Being able to cooperate, communicate and help the team if needed

  4. Active-listener - Be able to accept feedback

  5. Passion for what he/she is doing

  • Would you recommend Startup Estonia to interns?

It was an awesome experience for me. Being able to work in a team, which trusts, understands and supports you is difficult to find. I think that the Estonian work-mindset helps you to reach your full potential. Being surrounded by brilliant people, full of ideas and interests, helped me explore more myself and my capabilities.

As an intern in Startup Estonia, I worked on projects that I never thought that I could do. I gained experience and skills that marked a pathway to my future career, but most importantly, I made great friends. I would recommend it, for sure!

Cover illustration by: Kristjan Prik
Photo by: Liisi Org

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