FAQ of Estonian Startup Database

Frequently asked questions about Estonian Startup Database. 

What is the Estonian Startup Database?

Estonian Startup Database is the most extensive source of Estonian startups, powered by Startup Estonia. We have been managing the data of Estonian startups for around 3 years and now it is time to take it to the next level.

What’s in it for startups?

By joining, startups will be visible to potential investors, industry partners and the community. Startup Estonia’s website gets around 15 000 monthly visits, with the database being the most popular landing page. In addition, Startup Estonia, as the central organisation for our startup ecosystem, is using the database as a reference tool across the world. By joining, you have the option of getting up to date offers for your specific industry

On the basis of the Estonian Startup Database, Startup Estonia makes quarterly updates of the industry and gives out statistical industry overviews for the community and wider public.

What’s in it for investors, industry partners, and the community?

You can get an extensive overview of Estonian startups. How?

Ranking them by (statistics from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board):

  • Employee count
  • Employment taxes paid
  • Turnover created
Filtering them by:
  • The specific sector that the startup operates in
  • Technologies used by startups
  • The business model used by startups
  • Stage of the startup

You can create custom reports by filters used. Want to have a list of Estonian CleanTech startups? Done! Just choose CleanTech as a Sector from the filters:

How to create custom reports in Estonian Startup Database?

Then Click ''Download as PDF'':

How to create custom reports in Estonian Startup Database?

Want to have a list of Estonian startups using AI as technology? Choose AI as Technology from the filters. You can also combine different filters to create reports. Fintechs using Machine Learning as their technology and are in MVP/Seed Stage? No problem. The possibilities are endless. 

For statistical overviews of specific sectors which are updated quarterly, check out Sector insights.

Who is eligible to join?

All Estonian startups
are welcomed to join. Estonian startups are technology-based businesses registered in Estonia, not older than 10 years, have a goal to develop and launch an innovative and repeatable business model with global growth potential.

How to join?

The Estonian Startup Database is operated through Dealum

If you are new to the database and you do not have an existing account in Dealum:

If you already have an existing account in Dealum:

  • It s likely, that we sent you an invitation to update your data
  • If not, please follow this link to update your profile
  • .. and choose "Use existing Dealum profile" 

Since you know best, what's going on in your startup, we are relying on you to update your data regularly (don't worry, we'll send updates). Being included in the Estonian Startup Database doesn't cost anything for startups.

How can I change the contact person of my company?

To set someone as the primary contact person of your company, they first have to:

  • be added as your team member and be given Admin rights
  • accept the invitation to join your company on Dealum
  • To change the contact person of your company, please open your company from the dashboard and go to ‘Settings’. In the ‘Contact person’ section, choose ‘Change’ and select a new contact person for your company. After that, click ‘Save and publish’ to save the changes.

How can I change the name of my company?

Please contact Dealum platform support - support@dealum.com to get the name of your company changed.

How is the data for the Estonian Startup Database gathered?

  • Startups with already existing Dealum accounts are asked to join the Estonian Startup Database and update their data
  • Startups can ask to join by creating their account on Dealum
  • Startup Estonia's team discovers a new startup not yet in the database and adds it (data found in various public sources, eg. E-krediidiinfo, homepage, social media, startup news)

What kind of information will be public on the Estonian Startup Database?

Startup name, juridical name, registration code, logo, sector, technologies, stage, founding year, keywords and industries that describe the product or service, one-liner, business model, employee count (public information updated quarterly), employment taxes (public information updated quarterly), turnover (public information updated quarterly), total investments received (if allowed), website, links to other related databases and startup based networks.

Should You provide any information that currently or in the future can be considered personal data, it will be processed according to our Privacy Policy (available: https://www.kredex.ee/en/privacy-policy)

Do please note that due to the purposes of Startup Estonia program, we might use the data You have provided for Startup Database to provide statistical overviews of the Estonian startup sector.

Does being part of the Estonian Startup Database = Startup Status (the requirement for the Estonian Startup Visa)? 

No. Being part of the Estonian Startup Database does not grant you the startup status required for Estonian Startup Visa. These are two separate things. Learn more about Estonian Startup Visa here

How long does it take after I finish my application on Dealum to get my company live on the Estonian Startup Database? 

 It will take up to a week.

How long does it take if I make changes to my company's profile to be published in the Estonian Startup Database? 

Estonian Startup Database is updated once in a 24 hour period.

Terms & Conditions for Estonian Startup Database

If you have any additional questions, reach out to database@startupestonia.ee

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