Estonian Startup Ecosystem Participants Satisfaction Survey 2022

The goal of the Startup Estonia programme is to create more success stories of startup companies in Estonia by developing their ecosystem for that purpose. It is important for Startup Estonia to consistently get an adequately verified overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the Estonian startup ecosystem, viewed both by startup companies and community members. The survey output is a mapping of startup ecosystem bottlenecks, which can be used to organise future startup ecosystem development programme procurements and plan other ecosystem development activities.

The satisfaction survey in the field of startup business has been conducted twice so far. The survey organised in December 2016 focused on mapping the general satisfaction with existing services. The aim of the 2018 survey was to map the satisfaction of the parties of the Estonian startup ecosystem with the ecosystem and investigate the awareness of the support organisations and startups operating in the field about Startup Estonia and the services offered by them.

The aim of this study was to conduct a satisfaction survey of the parties participating in the startup ecosystem based on the activities coordinated by Startup Estonia. The parties of the ecosystem are startup companies and support organisations that provide services to the community, consultation companies and public sector service providers.

The survey focused on ecosystem parties’:

  • awareness of SUE and the goals of its activities
  • satisfaction with SUE's services and activities;
  • awareness and user experience regarding the Estonian Startup Database;
  • awareness of the activities of SUE's focus areas;
  • the vision of the development of the ecosystem in the near future.

In addition, the startup community's assessment of its own activities and the satisfaction and expectations of startups for support services were studied.

The survey is available to all readers in Estonian and English. 

Lõpparuanne Eesti startup ökosüsteemi osaliste rahulolu uuring 2022 EST.pdf

Estonian Startup Ecosystem Participants Satisfaction Survey 2022_ENG.pdf

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