Register to AIM Startups virtual pitch competition of Estonia

The Annual Investment Meeting, in partnership with Startup Estonia, invites you to join the AIM 2020 National Startups Pitch Competition.

AIM Startups Virtual Pitch Competition is a series of virtual pitch competitions held in over 100 countries. One winner of each national pitch competition will be invited to be part of the final AIM 2020 Global Startups Champions League in Dubai, where the grand prize is $50 000.

Register in the Estonian pitch competition to avail an opportunity to pitch your business to a panel of experts in entrepreneurship, technology, and business management. Winners from the competition will gain the following:          

  • Access to AIM Digital Features
  • Access to meetings from a pool of 100 investors
  • A virtual exhibition kiosk 
  • Access to the AIM Global National Champions League for a prize of USD 50,000 (USD 10,000 each for top 5 startups)

To qualify for the Virtual Pitch Competition, startups must:

  • Have less than 50 employees.
  • Be at least 2 -7 years in the business.
  • Have passed at least one round of funding.
  • Have an annual revenue of between $50,000 - $1,000,000.
  • Match the listed categories below.


  • Growth: Has had the most growth, or achieved the most scale amongst all the start-ups that pitched.
  • Social impact category: Has had the most impact on the society using a sustainable and scalable business model. E.g financial inclusion, human rights, human capital development etc.
  • Best use of innovation category: Has leveraged latest technology the best to develop and scale its value proposition using a sustainable business model (e.g IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML etc)
  • Climate and environmental impact category: Has had the most impact in healing or protecting the environment using a sustainable, scalable business model.
  • Privacy, data protection and compliance: Has achieved the most scale in helping people or companies manage and protect their private data and/or comply with regulatory requirements in an increasingly complex data protection and regulatory landscape.

If your startup matches the criteria, apply here by 5th of October.

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