7 thoughts from YourDesignTalks that every startup should know about design

YourDesignWorks is a project that emphasises the importance of design – something that shouldn’t
be underestimated when making a new product, 
a webpage for a service. The general format of YourDesignWorks (YDW) is a 48 hour design oriented workshop, but to inspire people to think about the importance of the topic, YDW also
hosts an event series called YourDesignTalks. On
the 9th of March, the second Talk was hosted in
the design agency Velvet where nearly 50 people came to listen to Janno Siimar and Amid Moradganjeh.

They gave some insights about what it means to         be a designer, how real designers think and do   things and how anyone can learn to be a designer when they need and want to be. Fair to say that     when one thinks of starting a company, one has a need to know a thing or two about design! 7 thoughts from Janno and Amid:

1. The first rule of the Design Club
Nowadays everything is called design but design is actually a mindset that is not exclusively approachable for designers. Design is for everyone and it is important that we could all benefit from it. There is only one rule when it comes to design and that is: There is no rules. Developing rules makes things limited.

2. Look for values, not for needs.
One mistake that many companies make is fulfilling the need instead of focusing on the real values. In order to find out what are the values that are important to your clients, you have to have conversations. Talk to the people with extreme opinions, not only the ones on the middle ground.

3. Ideas are not your babies
Do not fall in love with ideas. If we talk about startups, there are a lot of ideas that have no hopes of life and should be dead but people are in love with their ideas so they don't want to let go. Furthermore, if you only have one idea and you fall in love with it then you have a big responsibility in the eyes of the world not to spend any resources carelessly. You have to be absolutely certain that your idea is not rubbish.

4. If you want to be a designer, stop being a jerk.
Teamwork is as important of a factor in design as in any other field. When you work with others, you get the biggest value. Design is not something that is made alone from start to finish.

5. Do not talk (pardon our French) sh*t about other ideas.
At first, most creative ideas you hear might sound totally crazy - and that's okay. It's important to acknowledge that any one of those could lead to a ground-breaking idea so keep an open mind and don't instantly pour the idea over with harsh criticism. Some things do not become a product and that is also an important learning part of the creative process. Moral of the story - take time to spend on crazy ideas. 

6. Start doing, stop thinking.
You can make a difference even with a small budget. Try and fail but do not sit and wait for the magic to happen! 

7. Best projects are about fun. Even the serious ones.
Some people are afraid to have fun. They are educated not to have fun but FUN is utterly important in order to make things work and make them work enjoyably.

Bonus! 8. WHY?
Regardless to say that it is one of the most important questions that all design and business projects start out with.

YourDesignWorks is one of the projects that we have chosen to partner with in developing the Estonian startup ecosystem and raise the quality of startup events. Read more about YourDesignWorks here! The next design hackathon will be held in the end of May so if you want to participate, it would be wise to keep an eye on their social media as well!

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