Startup Estonia selected 6 awesome startup events for autumn season

Startup Estonia has chosen 6 partners who will help to boost the quality of Estonian startup scene by bringing great startup events and training programs to our startups. The aim of this is to help to kickstart any new great initiatives, but on the other hand also increase the number of attendees and the quality of already occurring events. Therefore, we are offering to give financial and marketing support to selected events.

The programs that got selected stood out by offering unique and much needed training to Estonian startups. They all displayed a clear goals on how to develop startup ecosystem even further and how to offer value to potential participants.  All the following programs will be supported with €2500.

1. The event with the highest score –Mentors Academy– is aiming at uplifting the number and quality of startup mentors. It's a 1-day training for all mentors, coaches, practitioners and investors who work with startups, giving them guidelines to offer better support to startupers. There are more and more startups born in Estonia every day, so the need for professional mentoring is evident.


2. Estonians taking over space is no longer utopia. In order to encourage people explore space technologies and business opportunities on earth, Space Tech Business Models Workshop – a space business model workshop is held by experienced scientists of Tartu Science Park.


3. Tehnohack takes place for the third time. In the previous years there have been participants from more than 10 countries. Software developers, engineers, product designers and business people gather together to convert an idea into a functional device over a weekend. Several of these ideas reached to Estonia’s biggest entrepreneurship contest Ajujaht TOP20.


4. G48 Women in Tech is a 48-hour intensive week-end hackathon dedicated to female founders and startup enthusiasts. Aim is to motivate more women to come and try out with their ideas and encourage them to be part of such events and whole startup community.


Networking night at Pipedrive hosted by Tech Sisters

5. Prototron Academy makes sure 20-30 startups will increase their chance to succeed in the market, by enabling them to better reach their audiences hearts and minds. As outcome of the event, founders will have a business model, which they can articulate well to potential investors and clients.


6. 24H hackathon SMART woodworking has a really unique target group: startup companies, professionals, students from allover Estonia and esteemed companies in the woodworking sector in South Estonia. The aim is to encourage the cooperation between different fields and also nation wide. The result will be that the woodworking sector will be shaken up by crazy ideas that can be adapted easily into to every day work processes o give the products the added value they need or take more out the process it self - Product Innovation and Process Innovation.


We are super excited to support these wonderful events that will definitely bring new ideas to startup ecosystem. All the events will start in Autumn 2016! To get more information, keep an eye on the social feed of Startup Estonia! 

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