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DeepTech Lounge Podcasts from sTARTUp Day

sTARTUp Day is wrapped up, so we have some vibes to share with you! Startup Estonia and Enterprise Estonia, with the Technology Transfer Servi...
Mar 28, 2023

sTARTUp Day Panel: Cybersecurity for Businesses

Estonian Information System Authority reported 2672 cyber incidents in 2022, roughly 1/5 more than in 2021. Approximately 1/3 of 2022 cyber threats...
Mar 27, 2023

Estonian Startup Visa in 2022 - success amid true challenges

Estonia has long been a popular destination for startups and entrepreneurs from around the world, thanks in part to its supportive ecosystem and st...
Mar 21, 2023

sTARTUpDay at Spot

Deep Technology drives future economic growth and solutions to national problems.               ...
Mar 8, 2023

Estonia aims to develop deep tech startup entrepreneurship

Startup Estonia and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications have prepared an action plan to develop research- and technology-intensive ...
Mar 1, 2023

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