Employer Application
For Estonian startups, startup visas and permits provide a great opportunity for enriching and growing their company by employing foreign talent - a process now made easier than ever before.

In order to bring non-EU employees to Estonia on a startup visa:

    • Check this list to see if your startup has automatically been included among the Estonian startups that can hire non-EU employees on preferential terms. In case your company is not on the list, fill out an application in Startup Includer about your startup to qualify for bringing foreign talent to Estonia on preferential terms - think of it as applying for an accelerator program or presenting yourself to a potential investor;
    • Startup Committee, consisting of members of the Estonian startup community, will review the application about your startup and make a decision within 10 working days whether your company qualifies for the startup visa or not;
    • In case of a positive decision, your startup will generally be qualified for up to 5 years for bringing non-EU employees to Estonia on preferential terms;
    • After receiving the qualification, if the employee's employment is short term,  you will need to apply for their registration for the short-term employment and your employee will need to apply for a visa. If the employment is for a longer term, the employee will need to apply for a temporary residence permit at an Estonian Embassy in a city of their choosing or at a Service Point for the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board;
    • You are all set! 
    Have any questions? Take a look at the FAQ or ask us at visa@startupestonia.ee!