Supercharging the Estonian startup ecosystem
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From Inception to Disruption

Startup Estonia is a governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the local startup ecosystem in order to see many more startup success stories to come from Estonia. For that, we are making Estonia one of the world's best places to start a company by focusing on these
4 building blocks:

Strong Ecosystem

Uniting, building and representing the local startup community.

Smart People

Organizing trainings for startup teams and co-organizing impactful startup events with the community.

Smart Money

Educating the local investors, attracting foreign investors and initiating new accelerator funds.

Success stories

What makes a startup successful? We don’t know the formula yet but are actively looking for it. Fine tuning. Experimenting. Here are some of the Estonian startup success stories so far:

Independently verifiable proof of time, origin and integrity for all the world's electronic data.

Helps online and mobile app and game developers to monetize their users via mobile payments.

Engineering platform to share, collaborate in and manage CAD projects. Exit $100M.

Powerful cloud based POS software for retail, inventory and e-commerce.

Latest buzz

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